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Hello, I'm Barbara

Hello, I'm Barbara

Stress transformation expert, conversation hypnosis trainer, veterinarian, mother of three children and wife

Time for change

I am here from you, when you feel stuck, when life holds the stop sign in your face, whether it be through physical symptoms, a stroke of fate, or supposed external circumstances, when you keep falling flat on your face and don’t know why, or when you realize that it’s time for change but you don’t have enough clarity, strength, courage, and confidence to change anything at all.

I am here for you, if you are open and ready to take responsibility for yourself, to throw off old ballast and finally just live your life.

As I am not “only” a coach myself, but also as a mother of three children in everyday family life and also because of my original profession as a veterinarian with both feet on the ground (sometimes also in the dirt), I know the daily challenges from my own experience.

Thirst for knowledge, love of nature and perseverance are part of my nature. The touch points with sensitivity and perception reminded me again of my core, of what makes me shine. This is exactly the experience I want to give you, because I believe that my mission is to show other people what they are made of and how great it is to be alive!

I know I’m a pretty exotic mix, half Swiss, half Scottish, half veterinarian, half coach, with a doctorate in veterinary medicine, a post graduate business degree, yoga teacher , new spirit training and conversational hypnosis. For a long time I separated one from the other, until I realized that I may and should integrate all experiences, all knowledge, my whole being into my work.

My background

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Engadin. They had a farm with cows, chickens, dog and cat. I loved being with the animals and in nature. I liked to roam alone through the larch forest – that was pure freedom and adventure for me.

The other grandparents lived in Scotland, my second home, with lots of wind, rapidly changing weather and mood, with different vibes. Influenced by my experiences on the farm, my career aspiration was clear from a very early age: I would become a veterinarian.

I have fulfilled this career wish. When I lost my job in a very unattractive way after the birth of my third child, I was devastated. The urge to work and give back some of my knowledge and experience to people and animals, to our society, was great.

I had to learn to enjoy “not working,” to rest and be present for my children. In December 2016, I discovered the New Spirit training with Bahar Yilmaz and Jeffrey Kastenmüller and signed up.

This training has opened new doors for me, stretched my consciousness and changed me. I am healthier, stronger, more open and free. I live in my power, more intense, more present and more conscious.

I have rediscovered life – with light and shadow, freedom and pure adventure. I would like to make this possible for all people who are open and ready for this change. I have been working as an intuitive coach since September 2017 and am grateful, touched and humbled for this new role.

Fun Facts

  • My grandfathers were butchers in Scotland and mountain farmers in the Engadine – I became a veterinarian.
  • My mother tongue is Rhaeto-Romanic. Unfortunately I almost forgot them, now I speak German, English, French, some Italian and Swedish.
  • I had 6 years of Latin, only to realize that there was no need for Latin at all for medical school.
  • Despite my height of 1.51 m (5 feet) I became a large animal veterinarian (mainly cows and horses), so an Ikea children’s stool is my constant companion on farm visits.