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To get a glimpse of what is possible and find out more about the upcoming Basis DNA Thetahealing Seminar, I will be hosting free introduction sessions on
August 10, 11 and 16 on 8-9 pm CEST (Swiss) 11 am PST / 8 am EST

Thetahealing® method

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What does intuition feel like?
  • How you can train and strengthen your intuition?
  • How your life changes when you are trusting your intuition?
  • What is possible for you?

In this three-day seminar you will learn all this and much more.

The Thetahealing® Methode is a meditation technique which allows you to be connected to your subconscious as well as with the creative force (source or whatever you want to call it).

  • You need no prerequisites to be able to learn this method.
  • You can use this technique for yourself and for others.
  • You can use this technique with all the tools and experience you already have, such as for example with reiki, acupuncture, massage, acupressure, natureopathy, yoga, meditatioin, mbsr, tapping, coaching, whatever you have already learned and are using, this technique adds extra energy to it, like a kind of turbo booster.
  • The Thetahealing method is not subject to any beliefsystem, religion or dogma.
  • It is practiced worldwide by more than 600’000 practioners from more than 187 countries.
  • People from many different professional backgounds are using it, amongst them many doctors.

The origin

The Thetahealing® method was learned and developed by Vianna Stibal in the 90’s. She used it to heal her own cancer and then began to teach the method at the request of many.

Used worldwide

This method is now used by more than 600,000 people worldwide, in 192 countries and in almost every language on earth. The method is free of religion and judgment and is based on the connection with the creative power, the seventh level of existence.


This method, not only uncovers deep-rooted imprints and beliefs and rewrites them, but it also enables healing on all levels. You also recognize and experience higher consciousness, which makes it easier to uncover and recognize your own patterns and blockages.

Your sixth sense, sensitive perception, intuition can be trained and strengthened using this method, which facilitates communication with other levels.

What is all this for?

With strengthening of our intuition, we are able to recognize our intuitive impulses better and better, so that we trust them and act accordingly. This makes life immensely easier, allows problems to be solved or recognized before they even arise.

Furthermore, this connection can be used to create the life you want from the bottom of your heart. You gain clarity about your own intrinsic motivation and purpose in life.

For whom?

Learning this method does not require any previous knowledge, can be easily learned by anyone and used both for themselves and for others. (Teenagers under the age of 18 only with the permission of their parents).

The change

The Thetahealing® method supports you in all other therapeutic activities and complements them energetically.

It feels like some kind of turbo booster or extra energy for everything you do, think and create.

You will not only become clearer in your thoughts, but also clearer in your perception and thus clearer in your actions.

Your energy changes noticeably, which has a positive effect on all those around you.


  • strengthening of your intuitive abilities
  • connection with the creative force via the theta state
  • introduction into the seven planes of existence
  • Learn how to do a body scan – a body reading
  • learn how to do a healing
  • the four levels of programming
  • Dissolve and replace beliefs
  • integrating positive feelings that you may have never felt before
  • manifesting
  • meet your guardian angels
  • dealing with ghosts and the like
  • activation of DNA
  • future reading
  • and much more

This seminar includes: The book ThetaHealing® the Healing Power of Creation and the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Manual for Practitioners.

Upon completion of the DNA Basic Seminar, you will be certified as a Thetahealing® practitioner.

No prior knowledge is required.

To get a glimpse of what is possible and find out more about the upcoming Basis DNA Thetahealing Seminar, I will be hosting free introduction sessions on
August 10, 11 and 16 on 8-9 pm CEST (Swiss) 11 am PST / 8 am EST


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7 Planes Meditation Recording by Vianna Stibal