conversational hypnosis, subconscious transformation without eye closure, tools or techniques

LIVE Training DATE: 20-22 September 2024

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Conversational hypnosis training

The unique therapy training –

Without techniques, tools or theories, but with lots of application and live implementation.

What are the benefits of this training?

  • much faster, profound, subconscious transformation for your clients – because many traditional elements are omitted

  • Simple procedure based on principles instead of techniques

  • Work with the deeper cause not with the symptom with a conversation – therefore individual, not symptom-, technique- or script-based approach

  • No need for your clients to close their eyes, relax and get involved – less resistance from the client, less pressure for you

  • Letting go of techniques, tools or theories

  • less pressure, headaches or doubts for you

  • regain more joy, freedom, confidence and ease in your work as a hypnotist, therapist or coach

What is included in this training?

  • Participation in the upcoming conversational hypnosis training September 20 to 22 and all future live trainings online (without additional costs or membership fee)

  • Access to the top e-learning training platform with all recorded training courses, masterclasses and group meetings, also possible via the app

  • demo sessions on various problems

  • Participation in the closed Facebook group for sharing and practicing

  • personal support and mentoring from me via the Facebook group – I am still available beyond the training for questions, feedback, support and mentoring

  • Achieve effective and sustainable results and thus have clear confidence in the transformation for your customers.

  • No more worrying about which technique, which script, which preparation and which tools might be suitable now.

  • The opportunity to increase your prices because you accelerate the result for your customers.

  • Imagine you never have to
    never have to prepare for a session again
  • Imagine no longer having to memorize speech patterns or rigid techniques
  • Imagine never having to write, download or read from a script again.
  • Imagine never having to find the best technique or methodology for your client again.
  • Imagine never having to sell sessions or packages again, regardless of the problem
  • Imagine never having to put yourself under pressure and wonder if the session worked!

The advantages of ACH

What you get:

  • Speed of transformation of your clients as a clear differentiator, usually one session is enough

  • a simple method for various problems

  • no scripts, no suggestions, no homework, no preparation, no “closing eyes” for the client

  • put an end to your certificate collecting and learn something that really helps your clients

  • Save you and your clients time by achieving much faster and more sustainable results (1-3 sessions)

  • thanks to the efficiency you have the possibility to charge higher prices as a coach, therapist and healer (1500-3000 CHF per client)

  • 3 days of live training with immediate implementation and application – no boring lecture and no reading off scripts!

  • register once for 997 CHF and participate as many times as you want

  • Top Training Platform, where you can look up all content indefinitely, both via desktop and as an Ap

  • Bonus: pay once, watch the training live online again and again, or check it out conveniently on the platform

  • Bonus: private Facebook group for support and mentoring – I answer all questions personally.

Application instead of theory

I am very much in favor of supporting our clients in releasing their blockages as quickly, profoundly and sustainably as possible so that they can then spend their lives living and not in therapy.

That is why I am so convinced of this method. It is an incredibly self-effective method that not only guides our clients back into their own responsibility but also into their own strength, and all this without any tools or techniques on my part . It is always enormously fascinating and touching to experience. With this method I show you the application of therapy and not the theory .

Conversational hypnosis: different, unique and very efficient

deep and efficient

From the outside it looks like a conversation, but in reality this conversation takes your client to places that have been hidden from him for a long time and where his problem originates: in the subconscious.

It’s a kind of hypnosis, but without having to tell your clients to close their eyes and take any stairs down, or walk along a beach.

No, it is a natural trance and therefore so much more efficient, lasting and transformative than anything you have learned or experienced as a coach, hypnotist, therapist, healer or NLP practitioner to date.

“Coaching on steroids” it has also been called, because you don’t know the solution, your clients do.


We don’t dig into the past or relive old traumas. No, with advanced conversational hypnosis you learn how to guide your clients to where their solution lies, which you do not know.

That’s why it’s so purposeful, because no advice, workbook, script or guided meditation will solve the problem as purposefully as their own resources and their own way to get there.

What happens, many of my clients call magic, because it seems so easy, fast and seemingly unspectacular, yet unfolds all the more powerfully in the processing process.

And usually when one problem is solved, many other buttons are also solved and conversational hypnosis for advanced practitioners is therefore often transformative on many different levels.


Precisely because the solution does not come from the outside, but is worked out from within, sustainability is involved.

It is their own resources, their own processes, their own ideas that arise, which we as therapists, coaches, healers would not have thought of.

And if so, how much nicer is it to experience how my clients find and implement their solution themselves?

Sustainable also because it does not require months of support, but only a few or just one session.

The goal is to get your clients back to spending more time with their lives instead of therapies.

Thanks to this efficiency, there is also the possibility of charging correspondingly higher prices for this transformation.

Disclaimer: Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Training:

This Disclaimer is shared by Dr. Barbara Bryce. This course is not a certification course, nor can it be used for insurance or Continuing Education Credit points. This course is not recognised or registered with any hypnotherapy/coaching/NLP boards. This program is used for educational purposes only and to enhance your current therapeutic and coaching skills. All results, successes and statements come from practicing hypnotherapists, coaches and NLP practitioners. your results may vary depending on your skill level, past certifications, knowledge, and dedication. You must take 100% responsibility for setting up your practise, gaining the correct insurance and education, following the rules and regulations for your services and marketing. We take no responsibility for, nor do we guarantee, your results with clients. This program is for training purposes only and you acknowledge and agree that no certification will be presented at the end of the training.